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Writes melodramatic rants & attempts to pass them them off as poetic things; loves fashion, music & art. this is a glimpse of my life behind tinted mirrors... an array of random likes, inspirations & excerpts from my thoughts.

Thursday, April 23rd, 12:07 AM 

"Isn’t Heaven Just A State of Mind Anyways?"

I no longer wish to enter heaven gates

no  longer wish to walk past the fiery pits of hell and into blinding lights and blue-green waters oh so crystal clear

your promise of immortality no longer seduce me

nor does your talk of far away lands with beautiful  angels who still bare their wings

I’m tired.

You have made a mockery of your faith

I’m pious, was pious.

You have seduced the angel out of me.

How can you create a perfect world that causes so much pain?

Why create a serpent if you know he’ll just deceive?

How am I to ever be absolved of all my sins?

Why did you make him feel so good when he’s oh so bad for me?

I no longer wish to enter heaven gates if heaven does not carry Cuban rum, pretty blondes, or awkwardly beautiful boys with reading glasses who hide behind mops of curly hair and own extensive iTunes collections.